Friday, January 29, 2010

The 11th Hour Playlist for January 29th

I had a blast hanging out at Legit Radio today with the fabulous Barbarella.  You may know her from her column in the Reader and from Stepping Out With Barbarella on NBC/KNSD News in the Morning.

We had so much fun in the chat room and on camera.  She even grabbed my a$$ while we were slow dancing.  Yes!  I can't believe I didn't officially know her before earlier this week.  She came to the Legit Radio blackout party at the Tractor Room and we totally hit it off. (Yes, there was a blackout all over Hillcrest and beyond and we had our party by candlelight).

Thanks so much for checking out the show.  Here's what I played today:

Poisse Noire, Pity For Thy Self
Imminent Starvation, Even Stars
Reaper, She's a Devil and a Whore
Eon, Fear: The Mindkiller
The Cramps, Surfin' Dead
Lords of the New Church, Dance With Me
Collide, Comfortably Numb
Covenant, Bullet (live)
Suicide Commando, Face Of Death (Blind Rage mix)
Ayria, Blue Alice

Tune in again next Friday starting at 11am for another edition of The 11th Hour on Legit Radio.

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