Friday, March 12, 2010

The 11th Hour Playlist Friday March 12th

It was a great day in the chatroom.  Thanks to Frank, Barbarella, Pashtess, Gothford Wife, John, Tym, Tyna, Jay, Birthday girl Rene, Ken, RC, Carlsbad Steve, Elizabeth, Silvia, Rich and Creamy, San Diego Matt, Brother Darkness and David just to name a few.  Here's what I played:

Visage, Fade To Grey
Frank the Baptist, Silver is her Color
Reaper, Daemon
Heimataerde, Unter Der Linden
Snog, Wargasm
Joy Division, New Dawn Fades
HexRx, My Eyes Are Red
XPQ21, White and Alive
Unter Art, Now Or Never
Ministry, Effigy
VNV Nation, Nemesis
DeVision, mAndroids

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