Friday, May 14, 2010

The 11th Hour Playlists for April 30th, May 7th and May 14th

Here they are in one full swoop from most recent! 

May 14th

Clan Of Xymox, Emily (Contrast remix)
Die Krupps, Fatherland
Velvet Acid Christ, Wound (Sacrificed mix)
Kommunity FK, Something Inside Me Has Died
Diary Of Dreams, The Plague
Siouxsie and the Banshees, Belladonna
Skinny Puppy, Shore Lined Poison
16 Volt, Alkali (Mirror remix)
VNV Nation, Further
Christian Death, As Evening Falls
Skold vs. KMFDM, Love Is Like
De/Vision, Rage (Extended club mix)

May 7th

The Birthday Massacre, Blue
Joy Division, She's Lost Control
Covenant, After Hours
And One, Recover You
Die Form, Imagine
Assemblage 23, Smoke
Wolfsheim, Wundervoll
Project Pitchfork, Souls
Seabound, Without You
Bauhaus, The Passion Of Lovers
Creature Feature, A Gorey Demise
Specimen, The Beauty Of Poison
The Sisters Of Mercy, More
Destroid, Judgement Throne

April 30th

Veil Veil Vanish, Anthem For A Doomed Youth (No Wave In Hell Remix by Mucho Electro)
Hocico, Drowning
In Strict Confidence, Snow White
Wumpscut, Angel (Deejay Dead remix)
Zombie Girl, We Are The Ones
Imperative Reaction, Fallout
Skinny Puppy, Assimilate
Decoded Feedback, Silent Killer
Accessory, Humanity
Assemblage 23, Skyquake

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