Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wow, 3 Years Already?

Time flies when you're....sure does.  Its been 3 years since I started doing Pussy Galore at the Whistle Stop in South Park.  Taking a look back at the history of the night itself, it started at the Beauty Bar when they first opened in San Diego.  I was asked to do a weekly night and thought it would be great to feature all female DJs and mix in martinis and manicures.  That worked really well.  After awhile I wanted to branch out to include other venues.  I moved the night to the SDSC (now known as Ruby Room) and started having bands play.  Then I went to the Brass Rail for awhile. And now its monthly home is at the Whistle Stop, which has been my favorite venue so far.  I always have one or two bands play along with spinning a mix of electro, indie, 80s, britpop and whatever else tickles your fancy.

This Friday we will be celebrating and I hope you can join the party.

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  1. so exciting, robin!! i will always have great memories of these nights with you - hope the party is a massive success and that you have a ton of fun. xo